How to Pick the Perfect Deck Stain?

Colorado has beautiful weather once you get into summer. Most families spend their evenings out in the yard, on their deck or patio. With the perfect temperature in the evenings is almost a must to have a getaway place outside. If you are one of the many homeowners who... [read more]

By 4 Dimension Concepts 6-26-2019

Prepare Your Home for Hail Storms this Spring

Prepare Your Home for Hail Storms this Spring

When it comes to the state of Colorado, there are two things you can bank on happening and that is snow and hail. While they seem like two extremes, Colorado does tend to have bi-polar tendencies when it comes weather. Often you can have all 4 seasons in... [read more]

By 4th Dimension Concepts 5-8-2019

Signs Your Deck is Need of Repairs

Signs Your Deck is Need of Repairs

The Colorado sun is incredibly harsh on materials that sit outside, day in and day out. If you’ve ever been to Colorado, then you know that you can burn in the summer and in the winter. These burns are more than a little pink skin, they cause people... [read more]

By 4th Dimension Concepts 3-5-2019

Pros to a 4 Season Sunroom

Sunrooms are a great addition to the home. You might be thinking that we are crazy for mentioning it during winter. We automatically assume that it is for regions that are much warmer year-round. This isn’t necessarily the case though. Here at 4th DC we can construct... [read more]


Colorado Second Highest for Hail Damage

4th Dimension Concepts is your professional roofing company to help out with all the repairs you may need over the years. Being an up and coming Colorado company we pride ourselves in having built our roots in commitment, loyalty and hard work. Come every spring in Colorado there... [read more]


How To Protect Yourself From Roofing Scams This Hail Season?

How to protect yourself from roofing scams this hail season We've seen a lot of misinformation going around about what to look for/not, and no real, solid information about what to look for for more than just not being scammed but also for quality and things you want... [read more]



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